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Whereabouts program (Localization)

The main objective of the whereabout norm (localization) is to facilitate doping controls outside of competitions.

Promoting information about whereabouts will give PAN RADO the abilities to find and realize controls without previous notice to maximize the findings of doped athletes. Controls without previous notice are the pilar for an effective anti-doping program.

There is a relatively low number of athletes registered in the “Registered control group” and they should give accurate and updated information about they’re whereabouts.

If you have been informed that you are included in the “Registered Control Group”, that means you should give information about your whereabouts in a quarterly fashion. This presentation includes scheduled activities and to define one hour of each in which the athlete will be available for a control. The activities and chosen hour for tests should be always updated.

What information should i give?
How can I update my whereabouts?
From the ADAMS platform.
From Athlete central app.

What happens if you dont give your information?

You have the right to challenge any possible no presentation or omission to your control doping tests for the PAN RADO. Any combination of not giving the required information or your whereabouts for a third time, or three doping control omissions in a 12 month period, if not successfully chalenged they will generate an infraction to anti-doping rules.

Also remember

If you have any participation in a team sport and you find yourself in the Control Registered Group, you will be subjected to the same whereabouts rules than athletes that compete on their own.

An athlete who competes in an individual or team sports may delegate some or all his whereabouts and such to his trainer, agent or a third party; However, athletes will be responsible of their information and whereabouts.

For more information about the Whereabouts program and the Control Registered Group check the International Standard Testing and Investigation (ISTI). 

ISTI 2021.