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Against Doping

Help us protect athletes and sport's integrity in Central America

Every time a person steps up by providing information on doping behavior, we are closer to a fair and clean playing field for all. We know that providing sensitive information on doping is an important decision that deserves reflection. For this reason, we applaud the courage and commitment required to decide to forward information on doping to the responsible authorities.

By using this form, you have decided to trust us and we take it with the responsibility it deserves. This mechanism is a secure means for you to report any activity that you consider contrary to anti-doping rules. PAN RADO invites any person who has information about an alleged case of doping to share it confidentially through this form.

The identity of the owner of the information will be anonymous, unless the user wishes to provide their contact details so that PAN RADO can initiate direct communication in order to expand the information. This system should only be used for the transmission of truthful and complete information on conduct related to doping in sport, so it is important that it be accompanied by evidence that allows PAN RADO to initiate a formal investigation or transfer the information to other competent organizations.

All information received by PAN RADO will be stored, evaluated and used in accordance with the International Standard for Controls and Investigations, the Guidelines for Obtaining Information and Intelligence Sharing and the Informant Policy of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), as well as in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.

Against Doping