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Last updated: November 22, 2023

PAN-RADO (Panamerican Regional Anti-Doping Organization, we, our) leads a global collaborative movement for doping-free sport. We are a private non-profit foundation based in Panama City.

This Privacy Policy explains how PAN-RADO collects, uses, shares and manages your personal information in connection with our Platforms, i.e. our website, newsletters, social networks, content and resources available through www.orad-pan .org, other digital media. platforms we administer (for example, PlayTrue Quiz) and through our other interactions with you.

Specific privacy policies may apply to some of our Platforms, such as ADAMS and ADEL or event registration websites. Where this is the case, they will be informed to you before you use the relevant Platform and will apply instead of this Policy.

Why do we collect and use personal information?

Personal information is information that identifies you as an individual, for example, your name, address, email and/or telephone number. These are the purposes for which we collect personal information:

To provide you with our updates and resources.

News – We send important updates on PAN-RADO activities to our stakeholders via email. These updates include decisions, statements, invitations for grant applications, reports, new resources, and upcoming PAN-RADO events or webinars. When the update is primarily relevant to a specific interest group (for example, anti-doping organizations or laboratories), We limit mailing to this group.

If you are part of the anti-doping community and interact with us directly as part of your work, you may already be included in our contact list and receiving these updates. Our contact database contains personal information such as names, email addresses, telephone numbers and job titles. You can also subscribe to PAN-RADO news by submitting your email address on our main website or by sending us a request to be added to our mailing list. In any case, you can unsubscribe at any time by using the unsubscribe link in our emails. However, please note that you may continue to receive transactional or account-related communications from us.

The third-party provider (Mailchimp) we use to manage emails also provides us with aggregate information about the performance of our emails, such as click-through rates, access dates, and bounces. Mailchimp uses some of this technical information for its own purposes; For more details, see Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy.

Webinars: If you register for a webinar, we receive your name and email address and will use it to register you and send you a confirmation email, as well as a short survey after the webinar. You can unregister or unsubscribe from further Microsoft Teams emails about the PAN-RADO webinar using the links included in your confirmation email. Our Microsoft Teams webinar platform can also provide us with aggregate information about attendance and engagement with our content.

Athlete Outreach: If you participate in our Play True quiz, we will ask you for your name and country (you can provide fictitious information if you wish) and the language in which you wish to complete the quiz. This information is used to rank participants and display the most recent top 10. If you would like to receive athlete outreach materials from PAN-RADO, you will be asked to complete a form requesting your name and contact information.

Public consultation: If you wish to submit comments as part of a public consultation process, you will need to create an account on our consultation platform. To do so, we ask you to provide your name, email address, phone number, position and type of organization, name and country. We use this information to create and manage your account and to attribute any public comments you submit. We may also periodically consult our interest groups through surveys sent by email. These are optional and you can unsubscribe from our emails at any time using the unsubscribe link (see “News” above for more details).

Social Media: We use social media platforms to share information about PAN-RADO and its mission, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. We also publish photographs or videos of our events. If you tag us in an image or post on these platforms, we may republish your content. We also include a link to these platforms on our website and allow you to share content on these platforms. These platforms collect personal information about users for their own purposes and you should consult their privacy policies for more details. For example, they provide us with aggregate information about our followers, people who interact with our Platforms, or people who share similarities with those groups, such as age, country, and interests. We may use this information to share content with users of these social media platforms who we believe will be most interested in it.

Operate, deliver and improve the Platforms.

You can provide us with feedback on some of our platforms. When you do, we will ask for your email address and your comments so we can follow up with you if necessary.

You can send us a request or question using our contact form. We will ask you the stakeholder group you are a part of, your name, language preference and email address, along with your query so we can respond.

Digital platforms process certain Technical Data automatically to function. This includes data about the device and/or browser you use to access a Platform, as well as the actions you take on the Platform (for example, the IP address and the type of device or browser used, the date and time of the visit , bug reports). , time spent, page speed/resolution, and pages viewed and requested).

Aggregated technical data also helps us measure and improve the performance of our platforms. Go to Cookies to learn more about the collection of technical data using cookies and what we do with this data.

To process your job application.

You can apply for a job through our careers page (powered by a third-party software provider, BambooHR). We will ask you to complete an application form with your contact information along with your CV and covering letter. If your application matches our criteria, we may also process additional personal information about you, such as interview and referee notes, and may request your consent to conduct background checks. For some positions, we may work with recruitment agencies to find suitable candidates, in which case we may receive personal information about you from those agencies.

To process your application for a position on the PAN-RADO Executive Committee or one of its other standing committees.

You can apply for a position on the PAN-RADO Executive Committee or any of the other permanent or ad hoc committees by following the instructions in the relevant call for applicants or our spontaneous application form. Depending on the position you are applying for, we will ask you to provide information such as your contact information, your CV, a cover letter, an eligibility form, and a letter of recommendation. We may also ask you to provide information about your gender and nationality, optionally, as part of our efforts to improve regional and gender representation in PAN-RADO governing bodies. If your sports organization nominates you, your organization will provide your candidate file to PAN-RADO, which includes the personal information mentioned above. If your application matches our criteria, we may ask for your consent to conduct background checks.

In connection with your position on the Founding Council or the Executive Committee of PAN-RADO, or on one of its other standing committees.

If you are a member of the Foundation Board, Executive Committee and other permanent or ad hoc committees, we process personal information, such as contact information, to manage the activities of the relevant governing body. We may also ask you to provide information about your gender and nationality, optionally, as part of our efforts to improve regional and gender representation in PAN-RADO governing bodies. Swiss law requires us to provide a list of our Foundation Board members to the Swiss authorities, including contact information and a copy of a travel document for each member.

To process your PAN-RADO grant application.

To apply for a PAN-RADO grant, you will be asked to create an account on our grants platform, choosing a username and password and providing your email address. You will be asked to complete an application form and submit supporting documents, such as a CV. We use this information to create and manage your account and process your request.

To organize your trip or participation in a PAN-RADO event or meeting.

If PAN-RADO is organizing your travel or participation in a PAN-RADO event or meeting, we will need personal information to book your travel and process any reimbursement of relevant expenses. This may include your contact information, dates/purpose of visit, travel reservation details, travel document, mileage card information, meal preferences and expense details. You will normally receive a request from PAN-RADO staff if you need this information; For a larger event, you may also be required to provide it through an online platform. We use third-party software and platforms to book and manage travel requests. We also use third-party software to host online meetings and events.

When and where we share personal information.

Within the PAN-RADO: The Platforms that we operate and manage ourselves are hosted in Panama. The headquarters of PAN-RADO is in Panama. PAN-RADO personnel located in its Regional Offices have access to personal information only to the extent necessary to fulfill their functions.

PAN-RADO Founding Board and Committees: The PAN-RADO Founding Board, the Executive Committee and other permanent or ad hoc committee members, who may be located anywhere in the world, have access to personal information ( for example, applicant information in accordance with the PAN-RADO Governance Regulation) only to the extent necessary to perform their functions and are subject to confidentiality obligations.

Commissions/Athlete Councils: If you apply for a position on the PAN-RADO Athlete Council, your candidate’s biography will be shared with the athlete commissions or councils responsible for voting for candidates in accordance with the Council Election Procedure of PAN-RADO Athletes. These commissions/councils can be located anywhere in the world. His biography will also be shared on the PAN-RADO website to provide visibility to all candidates during the electoral process.

Service Providers: We use service providers, as well as third-party software, to operate and manage the Platforms, including to host and maintain them; to communicate and share content with you; manage job applications; manage and book trips; organize online events and meetings; and offer you webinars.

Legal and Compliance: PAN-RADO may disclose your personal information to government authorities and other authorities when required by law or a mandatory legal process and to other organizations in the case of investigating a breach of an agreement or a contravention of the law, or to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim. Our service providers are subject to the laws of the countries in which they operate and may be required by legal process to disclose personal information to courts, law enforcement authorities or other public authorities.

Protection of shared information: Where possible, we work with service providers who may hold any personal information processed on our behalf in Canada or another jurisdiction recognized as providing strong levels of data protection. Where our service providers or a regional office handle personal information and are not based in Canada or another jurisdiction deemed to provide an adequate level of protection (for example, the US), we ensure that they are subject to appropriate contractual or other safeguards and are responsible for ensuring that similar controls are in place with any of their authorized subcontractors. All of our offices, except our South Africa office, are located in jurisdictions with privacy and data protection laws that have been deemed to provide adequate protection by various regional and national data protection agencies, including the European Commission.

Safeguards and retention.

We take measures, including administrative, technical, physical and contractual measures, to protect personal information in our custody and control against theft, loss and unauthorized access, use, modification and disclosure. This includes restricting access to your personal information as necessary to employees and authorized service providers who require access to perform their designated functions.

We retain your personal information for as long as we need it for the purposes described above or as required by applicable legal requirements or to defend against legal claims.

Your rights and options.

If you need to update or delete your account on PAN-RADO, please send your request to:

If you need to update or delete your PAN-RADO account, please send your request to:

You can unsubscribe from PAN-RADO emails using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email at any time. If you are an interested party in the fight against doping, you will continue to be able to receive communications from PAN-RADO staff related to your work. You may also continue to receive account-related or transactional emails from us. If you wish to have your personal information removed from our contact database, please contact us.

If you wish to withdraw your candidacy for a position on the PAN-RADO or on one of the permanent or ad hoc committees of the PAN-RADO or make a correction, please contact:

For job applications: You can do so by contacting the PAN-RADO Human Resources and Corporate Services team (

For positions on PAN-RADO permanent or ad hoc committees: you can do so by contacting the PAN-RADO Governance Management team (

You may also have certain rights under applicable laws and under the International Standard for the Protection of Privacy and Personal Information, subject to applicable exceptions, including the rights to access, correct and/or delete your information, the right to object to the processing of your information. and the right to lodge a complaint with your national data protection authority or obtain other remedies regarding unlawful processing of your information. Contact us to exercise your rights.

Contact us for updates to this policy.

If we make changes to this Policy or our Platforms, we will update the “Last Updated Date” at the beginning of this Policy and the new version will apply from that date.

If you have any questions or comments about this Policy and how we or our service providers handle personal information, please contact us at:



Pan American Regional Anti-Doping Organization
(Attn: Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs and Privacy)
Irving Saladino Sports City, Juan Díaz, Panama


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